The Supreme Court Senate’s Civil Cases Department decisions are being published. In the collection of the year 2005 the most interesting legal judgments and decisions are included. From 887 decisions that are passed published are part of them. Great contribution to the forming of the collection was given by the advisor to the Chief Justice and former senator Rolands Krauze.
In the opinion of Martins Dudelis, the chair of the Senate’s Civil Cases department, such collection of decisions could promote unified jurisprudence in the judicial system and ensure the transparency of the judicature. Practical cognitions of the decisions will be as help for judges, prosecutors, attorneys and others, also forthcoming lawers.
For the sake of users there are different kinds of contents: concept, legislative, thesis, as well as case law and other source contents.
For the first time the collection is published in collaboration with Courts Agency. It can be bought in Riga Regional Court Brivibas blvd. 34 (on the ground floor), in the Courts Agency Abrenes str. 3, as well as in the virtual book store of “Latvijas Vestnesis” homepage, the price is 18.20 Ls.