The Division of Case Law and Research of the Supreme Court has prepared a summary of the Senate's case law in cases where the defendant is the Enterprise Register.

The summary of case law is based on the rulings of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate that were passed in the cases on the Enterprise Register from June 2016 until October 2022, as well as findings of rulings that have been made earlier are included.

For transparency and for user convenience, the compilation is divided into three chapters, which deal with general issues regarding the Enterprise Register, as well as provide an overview of the regulation of a specific register (for example, the commercial register). Namely, the first chapter deals with issues on the competence of the Enterprise Register and especially those related to procedural aspects, such as the legal nature and duration of the decisions of the Enterprise Register, the subjective right of individuals to appeal the decisions of the Enterprise Register. The second chapter includes information about the commercial register, which, according to the statistics of the Enterprise Register, is considered the most active and the most extensive register. The third chapter includes information on other registers – Enterprise Register, Commercial Pledge Register, Register of Associations and Foundations, Mass Media Register, Register of Religious Organizations and Institutions of Religious Organizations, Spousal Property Relations Register. Case law findings applicable to two or more sections of the compilation have been added multiple times accordingly.

The compilers of the summary draw attention to the fact that the case law contained in the summary may be further developed, therefore each finding should always be considered in relation to the current regulatory framework and the relevant court ruling.

The summary of case law was prepared by Mg. iur. Kaspars Kukmilks, the advisor of the Division of Case Law and Research, in cooperation with the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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