The book “Compilation of case-law in labour law” opened in Latvian Confederation of Free Trade-unions (LCFT) on the 18th of January, is a peculiar edition – both historical view on case-law of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate of Latvia in labour law, performed in interwar period, and case-law of the Senate of the Supreme Court of last years in sequence of the Labour Law and other legislative standards may be found together.

The author of the book is Zinaida Indruna, the adviser of the Division of case-law of the Supreme Court.

Peteris Krigers, the Chair of the LCFT, when opening the book, indicated that this book is the third “heavy” or valuable book in labour law published by the association of trade-unions, as LCFT had published books “Labour Law with comments” and “Case-law of the European Court of Justice in labour law”.

In his turn, Kaspars Racenajs, adviser in field of labour law, the lawyer of the LCFT, indicated in opening of the book that number of labour cases appealed against in cassation proceedings was 305 cases last year – it was three times more than in 2011. However, the Supreme Court rejected to initiate proceedings in most of cases – in 64 per cent, and the Senate cancelled 24 per cent of rulings appealed. As K.Racenajs indicated, compilation of case-law of the Senate published will help to prepare more qualitative applications for cassation appeal, as well as to uniform rulings of courts of lower instances. Moreover, the lawyer stressed importance of case-law of the Senate not only in solving particular court cases, but also in development of labour relations. Rulings of the Senate help to understand standards of labour law, and in particular cases those may serve as a reason to submit amendments to the law. As an example, he mentioned legal standards on lapse for payment of compensations for unused vacation and regulation on average wage.

The author, Zinaida Indruna, indicated necessity to publish court rulings. In the book “Compilation of case-law in labour law” 295 rulings of the Senate and 403 case-law theses were used.

LCFT published the book “Compilation of case-law in labour law” within activity “Practical application of labour relations and work safety normative acts in branches and enterprises” of programme “Human resources and employment” of Structural funds of the European Union. The book is available free of charge in Latvian Confederation of Free Trade-unions, as well as it will be available in electronic form ion the home page of LCFT


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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