In Latvia, there has been no case under reviewing which has been renewed already after it is seen from a judgment of the Court of the European Community that the national court has adjudicated the case erroneously. However, such cases become more and more topical for national courts, and this issue was discussed in the colloquium of the Association of the European Highest Administrative Courts in Warsaw in June 15 – 19.

 The colloquium was attended by the Head of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court Senate Veronika Krumina and the Senator Jautrite Briede who was also the national reporter on the situation in Latvia.

 The choice of the theme of the colloquium was based on several judgments of the Court of the European Community. The goal of the colloquium was to share experience and to discuss the problematic issues related to the mentioned theme. During the preparation for the colloquium questions regarding the renewal of cases were worked out, and the participants of the member states delivered reports including answers to these questions. The answers were included in a single report with the indication of the questions under discussion. For example, the discussions dealt with the procedural autonomy of the member states and the issue whether it is necessary to have joint procedural guidelines in the matter of the renewal of cases. The participants of the colloquium agreed that such are not necessary. It was discussed also whether the national law should contain a specific regulation regarding the theme of the colloquium. In Latvia, such a regulation is enclosed in Article 88, part 3, and Article 353, subarticle 6, of the Administrative Procedure Law. Majority of the member states does not have such a regulation.

 The colloquium covered also other issues which the national courts have faced or may face.


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