On September 19, the Open Day of the State administration more than fifty high-school students had an unusual visit to the Supreme Court: it was one of the stops of the “Themis Run” which the students had to find, accomplish the tasks and earn points.

Each of the ten teams from high schools which had registered for the “Themis Run” visited four of the establishments supervised by the Ministry of Justice, and one of the courts – the Supreme Court or the Riga Regional Court. The Supreme Court was included in the routes of two teams from the Agenskalns State Gymnasium, the teams from the Valmiera State Gymnasium, the Riga Hanzas High School and the Riga Commercial Gymnasium.

The tour around the Supreme Court was also arranged in an unusual form: in the grand hall of the Court the students had to accomplish an unexpected task – to put together five puzzles. When the task was accomplished, there were pictures characteristic for the Supreme Court: the Palace of Justice, the sculpture “Justice” by Karlis Zemdega, the chain of a judge, the hammer of a judge, and the special silver-covered copy of the Civil Law of 1937. Afterwards the students had an opportunity to see these and other exhibits, as well as to learn a little of the history of the Senate of Latvia and the present activities of the Supreme Court in the Museum of the Supreme Court.

Beside the Supreme Court, the Patent Office, the Court Administration, the Register of Enterprises and the State Forensics Science Bureau were also included in the route, the other route covered the State Probation Service, the Naturalization Board, the Prison Administration, the Administration of Legal Assistance, and the Riga Regional Court.

The goal for such routes covering the establishments of the Ministry of Justice and the courts was to show the students the diversity of judicial and legal work. As the students admitted at the closing ceremony, during the Open Day they got proof of it.

A unified Open Day of the State administration on September 19 was arranged within the framework of the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. The Supreme Court is an independent state establishment with its own budget and administration, it is subject neither to the Ministry of Justice not the Court Administration. There are 47 judges and 129 employees in the Supreme Court.

Excursions to the Museum of the Supreme Court may be booked not only during the Open Days, but also in another time. Registration should be done with the Division of Communication, telephone 67020396.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 7020396, 28652211