The European Commission's first recommendation for strengthening the rule of law in Latvia is to reduce political influence in the appointment of Supreme Court judges. Latvia has received a total of four recommendations comprised in the report published by the European Commission.

The Rule of Law Report 2022 shows that the situation is improving, but in some member states there are problems regarding the independence of the judiciary. Recommendations for improving judicial systems, fighting corruption and ensuring media freedom has been prepared. The report has been developed in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which essentially demonstrates the importance of respecting democratic values, human rights and the rule of law.

The report contains an overview of trends in the EU as a whole and 27 country chapters looking more closely at developments in each member state. This year's report includes, for the first time, specific recommendations addressed to each member state, designed to help member states to continue ongoing or planned reforms and help them to identify areas for improvement.

Latvia has received four recommendations:

Reduce political influence in the appointment of Supreme Court judges;

Implement the action plan for the prevention of corruption;

Introduce the regulation of lobbying and create a register of lobbies;

Increase public participation in decision-making at the local level.