At the meeting of October 21, the Judicial Council awarded the title of Honorary Judge to Andris Guļāns, the former Chief Justice and the Senator of the Supreme Court, who terminated his judicial duties in July of this year.

The proposal to the Judicial Council was submitted by the board of the Latvian Association of Judges. The contribution of Andris Guļāns to the judicial system of Latvia, its development, the decent judicial work is the basis for awarding the title of Honorary Judge, as stated by the board of the Latvian Association of Judges.

Andris Guļāns had been serving as a judge for 41 years. He commenced his judicial career in 1979 as a judge and the chair of the Riga City Moscow District Court (later Riga City Latgale District Court), in 1994 he was elected as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He presided over the Supreme Court for 14 years, after which he served as a senator in the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate for the same period.

The Association of Judges emphasizes that the reform of the Supreme Court and the judicial system of Latvia took place under the leadership of Andris Guļāns; via transitioning from the Soviet legal system to the legal system of an independent, democratic state the Senate and administrative courts were established. Andris Guļāns facilitated the discussion on the independence of the judiciary and on the formation of the Judicial Council. At the Judicial Council meeting, Juris Siliņš, on behalf of the board of the Judges Association, pointed out that Andris Guļāns was a judge with an impeccable reputation, who also knew how to give reasonable answers to judicial criticism and find constructive solutions. Therefore, he deserves to be recognized by the judicial system.

At the meeting of the Judicial Council, Aigars Strupišs, the Chair of the Judicial Council, noted that during the time when Andris Guļāns served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court the judicial system of Latvia also experienced scandals of which it was able to come out "with its head held high". For example, after the so-called "judicial kitchen" scandal, a new self-governing institution of judges was created – Judicial Ethics Commission. Andris Guļāns was also the chair of the Judicial Disciplinary Committee for many years and a member of the Disciplinary Court since its establishment in 2010.

The title of Honorary Judge can be awarded by the Judicial Council to a judge who has worked in good faith and has terminated judicial office. Andris Guļāns is the eighteenth Latvian judge to be awarded this title.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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