On October 11, a delegation of 20 people from the Georgian media and nongovernmental organizations visited the Supreme Court. In the discussion with Ivars Bičkovičs, Chairman of the Chamber of Criminal Cases, the senator Jautrīte Briede of the Department of Administrative Cases, Rasma Zvejniece, Manager of the Division of Communications, and the press secretary Baiba Kataja, they got an insight in the court system in Latvia, selection of judges and career possibilities, independence of judges, distribution of cases, and communication of the Supreme Court with the society.

As in the delegation of Georgia there were representatives from nongovernmental organizations, they inquired I. Bičkovičs with interest also on the Latvian Judges’ Association the President of which he is. In its turn, the information which J. Briede presented regarding trials of administrative cases in the courts of Latvia was interesting for the guests because the procedure in Georgia differs. The Georgian journalists saw the amount of information published on the Supreme Court website and inquired on possibilities of journalists to be present in court sessions.

The purpose of the four-day visit of the Georgian media and representatives of the nongovernmental organizations in Latvia was to study the environment of the Latvian media, regional development, situation regarding nongovernmental organizations and anticorruption. The visit was organized upon invitation of Delna with the financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Georgian delegation visited Liepāja, Kuldīga, Jūrmala and Riga. The goal of the project is – to study the field of anticorruption, as well as to learn the experience of the Latvian media participating in prevention of corruption.