In two years, in 2017, when there will be the 150th anniversary of the senator of the Senate of Latvia, the Professor of the University of Latvia Vladimirs Bukovskis, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia, in cooperation with the family of Bukovskis, could organise some events dedicated to him, for example, to organise a conference or to collaborate in publishing of the outstanding “Study Book on Civil Procedure” composed by the classic of Latvian civil law. Such proposal was discussed at the meeting of Igors Bukovskis, the great-grandson of Vladimirs Bukovskis, and Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, 20 October, Igors Bukovskis, one of successors of large family of Bukovskis, visited the Supreme Court to get acquainted with materials about the Senate of Latvia and the senator Vladimirs Bukovskis, which are stored in the museum of the Supreme Court.

He also brought relics of family of Bukovskis – the Civil Law of 1937 presented to Vladimirs Bukovskis by the President of the State. The Head of the group on elaboration of this law did not receive the book, because he passed away shortly before the law entered into force.  

Family of Bukovski carefully stores also awards given to Vladimirs Bukovskis – the highest awards of all Baltic States – Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Russian Order of Saint Anna, and Doctor’s badge of the University of Latvia, and other awards.  

Family of Bukovskis has its own coat of arms, which decorates special book on history of the family designed by Dmitry Bukovskis – the son of Vladimirs Bukovskis, who was also a lawyer, prosecutor and the lecturer at the University of Latvia.  Now it is kept by Igors Bukovskis, Dmitry’s grandson. He is also a lawyer, but he currently performs his heart-work – he guides the yacht “Lettland” in worldwide seas, acquires places in world yacht-races and examines new yachtsmen.

The doctor of law Vladimirs Bukovskis (1867–1937) during the first period of the Free State of Latvia was the lecturer and Professor on civil law at the University of Latvia, the senator of the Department of Civil Cassation of the Senate of Latvia in 1934-1937, the legal adviser at the Ministry of Justice; he also participated in elaboration of several draft laws, one of authors of the Civil Law, presided over all three committees on elaboration of this law in 1920-1937.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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