On Thursday, June 5, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans accepted the oath of sixteen newly admitted attorneys and three bailiffs. This duty of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court which has to be performed under the law On Advocacy and the law On Bailiffs was fulfilled by A. Gulans for the last time as on June 13 his term of office expires.

The oath of attorney was given by the Associate Professor of the Latvian Police Academy Juris Laivins, the judge of the Sigulda court Andris Zavileiskis, the arbitrator of the Riga Commercial Disputes Arbitration Court Aldis Saulietis, lawyers working with the municipalities – the expert of the Legal division of the Riga City Board Municipal revenue department Edgars Atlacis and the head of the Legal division of the Executive Department of the Kurzemes District Ilze Jankevica, insolvency administrators Alfs Bukelis, Valentina Kepente and Danute Kulkova, lawyers of the law offices Iveta Mikelsone, Aldis Kalinka, Martins Mezinskis, Viktorija Jarkina and Ilze Kramina, the lawyer of the Law Offices “Linins & Paegle” Peteris Linins, the head of the Legal division of the company “Komerccentrs DATI grupa” Dace Jakobsone and the self-employed person Ieva Betkere.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepted also the oath of three bailiffs – Inta Podnieka, Kaspars Seleckis and Juris Vildaus. I. Podnieka is appointed in the position of a bailiff in the Riga Regional Court Circuit No.79, K. Seleckis – in the Circuit No.70, and J. Vildauss – in the Circuit No.84.

After accepting the oath, in his address to the new attorneys and bailiffs, A. Gulans noted that this day is an event not only in their life, but also in the history of the entire Latvian court system, as at the same time when the oath was given, the Saeima (Parliament) voted for the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. A. Gulans in the position of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has accepted the oath of hundreds of attorneys and bailiffs, and this time he again reminded that these professions belong to the judiciary and the public understanding and attitude towards the judiciary in general is formed also by the work of each of the attorneys and bailiffs. He wished to the new officials to perform their duties decently and professionally, with interest and ardency, and to feel satisfaction in their work.

The Chairman of the Latvian Bar Association Janis Grinbergs, in his turn, presented the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court A. Gulans a symbolic gift – an attorney’s notebook saying that it is to serve as inspiration to consider a possibility to return to the position of an attorney, as prior to the position of the judge, A. Gulans worked as an attorney for some time, as well.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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