Chief Justice Andris Gulans will take part in international conference „The influence of law and case-law of countries members of EU on interpretation of European Community law” in Luxembourg on 26th of March.
The conference is held by European Court of Justice in relevance with 50th anniversary of Treaty of Rome, inviting Chiefs Justice and Presidents of Constitutional Courts of countries – members of EU.
On 27 of March Gulans will visit the sitting of upper chamber of European Court of Justice, followed by reception.
On 25th of March 50 years turn since leaders of France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg agreed to develop economic co-operation and signed The Treaty established the European Economic Community, laying the foundation of European Union. Celebrating this significant event for Europe, members of EU, European Parliament, European Commission, Council of European Union and European Court of Justice arrange ceremonial actions, devoted to 50th anniversary of Treaty of Rome.