Having reached maximum age for the office of a judge stipulated in the law “On Judicial Power”, judge’s duties of Gunars Aigars, the Chair of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court, expired on 31 October.

In presence of former and current colleagues from the Supreme Court and regional courts, the Judicial Qualification Committee, the Ministry of Justice and other institutions related to justice, Gunars Aigars symbolically took off judge’s insignia and wore off judge’s robe. He terminated service of the judge, which lasted for 47 years, and 24 years from among those were served in the office of a judge of the Supreme Court.  

In 1995, when new court system was established in Latvia, Gunars Aigars was elected the first Chair of the appellate instance – the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court, and he has held this office all this time. 

In 1995 he was also elected to the office of the deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Gunars Aigars executed these duties until 31 December 2013, when such office ceased to exist in the Supreme Court due to amendments to law.

Gunars Agars has worked in the Judicial Qualification Committee for 20 years, and he was the Chair of this Committee for 15 years. Co-operated in group on drafting of the law “On Judicial Power” and the Civil Procedure Law. Co-author of comments on the Civil Procedure Law in 2006, 2011 and 2012.

When saying thanks for valuable work life and expressing their regret that the law “On Judicial Power” and personal identification number makes Gunars Aigars to go on “unlimited vacation”, colleagues hoped that an opportunity for the advice of a colleague shall remain.   


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 67020396, 28652211