On Tuesday, 17th of October, at 12:00 am opening gathering of the Twinning Light project „Strengthening of administrative capacity of the Supreme Court for creating effective system of docketing, records keeping and personnel management” took place in Supreme Court. The project is to be implemented in cooperation with Spanish Law School Centre which is maintained by Ministry of Law of Spain, which has actually won the competition.
This is the first project tender prepared and supported by Supreme Court. That is to be fulfilled in accordance with concluded between European Commission and government of Republic of Latvia Agreement Memorandum within the framework of financing of European Union Transition Facility program year 2005.
Opening gathering was joined by Chief Justice Andris Gulans, who appears to be the senior functionary of the field, the project leader Head of Administration of Supreme Court Anita Kehre, representatives of Ministry of Finance and Central Finance and Contracts Unit, Ambassador of Spain Emilio Lorenco Serra, the project leader from Spain Fernando Sanches – Beato Lacasa and Spanish experts Angeles Hulves and Natalia Reus.
The total project budget is 14 829 Euro, 15 000 of which comes from national co-financing. During the following six month Spanish partners undertook to investigate the situation, to organize personnel training, to draft recommendations and handbooks. As one of the projects activities a visit to Spain is included in the program, during this business trip court personnel will meet a chance to get a closer look at judicial system of Spain.