The eighth issue of “The Supreme Court bulletin” has been printed yet; however, it may already be read in electronic form on the web site of the Supreme Court.

This Bulletin issue contains materials – allocutions, reflections and greetings from the historically important event – ceremonial sitting dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Senate of Latvia. Highlighting legacy left by the Senate of Latvia – values learned and resumed by the Supreme Court of restored Republic of Latvia – succession of law and court system, judicature of the Senate, example of life of senators as of personalities, and judge’s mission in democratic, judicial state, demonstratively marked by the Senate of Latvia,  rhetorical question also sounds in allocutions: “Will the Senate always be 95 years young?”, as the ceremonial sitting at the same time parts from the historical title of the Senate, which has been deleted from the name of the highest court instance of Latvia by the legislator’s will. Writer, translator and diplomat Anna Zigure, who comes from the family of the senator Peteris Sterste, in her turn urged to search for reasons, why, comparing history to nowadays, there is an impression that present judges and others related to court system have to work in more muddy environment – in circumstances of distrust, which is uncommon and unusual to democratic states.  

In section of legal thoughts judges professors come with interesting thoughts and proposals. Kalvis Torgans, now former judge of the Department of Civil Cases proposes the idea to substitute concept of compensation for moral injury with comfort money and proposes methods, how to determine its ground and amount. Jautrite Briede, the judge of the Department of Administrative Cases, offered two reports – on particular use of public property and on problems of legal interpretation and translation in rulings. Publication of Janis Neimanis is related to proving of violation of the Competition Law in claim on reimbursement of losses.

During business trips, judges also received interesting experience and information, these conclusions may also be read in the bulletin.  

Continuing tradition of previous years, public report on the Supreme Court’s work of 2013 is published in the bulletin. It contains information from reports of Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and heads of structural units read at the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court, as well as statistical data and the Supreme Court strategy 2014-2016.  

The bulletin also includes extended report on the Senate judicature of 2013 – case-law summary for the Collection of rulings by the Senate, which has been prepared yet, index of case-law rulings published on the web site of the Supreme Court, theses for rulings, by which the Senate changed case-law, and conclusions of compilations of court decisions. 

Decisions of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court anddecisions of the Board of Justice regarding conceptual issues related to court system, and other topical information has been published in the bulletin as well.

The Supreme Court bulletin has been published twice a year. It has been delivered to all Latvian courts and other institutions of judiciary; it has also been sent to libraries and Faculties of Law of higher educational institutions, and published on the web site of the Supreme Court


You may read bulletin issue of April, 2014 here


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