On May 22 the joint meeting of the senators of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court appointed Inara Garda, the former judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases, in the position of the senator in the said department. The advancement of I. Garda to the position of the Supreme Court senator was approved by the Judicial Qualification Panel on May 21.

Such a procedure for the appointment of senators is stipulated by the amendments to the law “On Judicial Power” adopted on April 3. Till then the Supreme Court judges was appointed in the position in a specific structural unit by the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court.

Inara Garda was born in 1960 in Sigulda. She Garda graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia in 1983 and afterwards worked as an investigator in the Police Department of Aizkraukle region for four years. From 1987 till 1996 she held the position of the Aizkraukle region people’s court judge and the head of the court, from 1996 till 2005 she worked as a judge in the Zemgale Regional Court and was the deputy chairman of the regional court. In 2005, she was appointed in the position of the judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court. The judge has gained rich working experience and in 2001 she was conferred the first qualification grade.








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