On Friday, 1 July, representatives of the Supreme Court during a meeting with Sir Francis Jacobs, the professor at King’s College London, the former Advocate General at the European Court of Justice, the Queen’s advisor, discussed not only the questions interested by the Latvian judges related to the European Court of Justice, but also the topical issues after the United Kingdom's European Union referendum and the consequences of its withdrawal from the European Union. 

Sir Francis Jacobs stressed that from a legal point of view, leaving the European Union will be a complex process, from which both sides will lose. The experienced lawyer pointed to the British lawyers’ significant contribution to the European Union's law-making and representation of the European Union institutions, including at the European Court of Justice. From termination of this link the losers will be both - the European Union institutions and the British lawyers, but Sir Francis Jacobs expressed the hope that the work of his land’s lawyers will not be lost, because "it is impossible to abandon the values." The professor pointed out that in the field of the European legislation, the British withdrawal could also mean a broader strengthening of the French language, and predicted the queues of the British lawyers at the Irish law firms.

Considering the professor’s remarkable 18 years of experience at the European Court of Justice, the representatives of the Supreme Court also asked him the questions related to this supranational court - on reformulation of prejudicial questions, on interaction of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights, on enforcement of judgments of the European Court of Justice and so on.

The professor Sir Francis Jacobs was invited to Latvia by the society Latvian Law Institute who organized the foreign academics lecture program. On July 1, he delivered a guest lecture on the work of the European Court of Justice in the Riga Latvian Society House and gave an interview to the Latvian Television in connection with the vote on the British withdrawal from the European Union. Due to the tight daily schedule, the professor considered an important to include the visit to the Supreme Court. Professor Jacobs met with the judges Marika Senkane, Normunds Salenieks and Andris Guļans, as well as Anita Zikmane, the Head of the division of Case-law and Research.

At the end of the visit the professor presented to the Supreme Court his book "Law sovereignty: the European Way" and visited the museum of the Supreme Court where he learned about the history of the Latvian courts.

 Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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