On Thursday, 29th of March Chief Justice Andris Gulans, heads of departments of Senate and of court chambers will express their opinion on the reform sketched in draft law Governing the court system, that relates to place and role of Supreme Court in Legal System of Latvia.
Event will be started at 14.00 in Senate hall and it is a part of Lawyers Days program. Specialists of legal field, judges, court functionaries, as well as journalists and law students are welcome to take part in a discussion. A. Gulans consider the purpose of the discussion to draw the attention of practicing lawyers and more wide attention of society not only to the question of role of Supreme Court, bet as well as to form and content of judiciary reform, including the structure of appellation and essence of process of appellation.
With years it became a proven fact that the legal system created in nineties is burdensome, the quality of work of courts and terms of legal investigation not always fit the image of lawful state. That is why Chief Justice would like to invite to think and evaluate the drawbacks of instant three-level system and be in search for various possible solutions.
E.g. in march, paying a visit in Supreme Court of Denmark, delegation of Supreme Court of Latvia with high interest got acquainted with recently started court reform, that same time consolidates the courts independency from Executive Power and contributes to effectiveness of court proceeding. Furthermore, when talking about competence of Supreme Court, Chief Justice of Denmark has many times stressed out that in essence there is a two-level, not three-level legal system in Denmark.
To take part in Supreme Court’s event, passes are to be ordered over the phone number 7020396. After the discussion the opportunity to visit museum of Supreme Court will be provided.