The Supreme Court congratulates Janis Baumanis, Legal Research Counsel of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate, with the publication of his third book. His monograph "Criminal Law Relations and Their Regulation in the Criminological Universe" has been published by official publisher Latvijas Vestnesis.

This monograph continues the series of various articles, studies and opinions published in the field of studies of criminal law initiated by the author in the previous books “From the Interpretation of Provisions of Criminal Law to Quantum Criminology” and “Towards the Purpose of Criminal Procedure or Criminological Genes”. This time, the reader is offered to look at criminal law issues in the broadest possible sense. The collection of the author's studies, articles and opinions included in the book is compared by analogy to the universe in order to emphasize the infinity of the manifestations of criminal law relations and their regulation.

The book provides an insight into various sciences of criminal law – not only into criminal law and criminal procedure law, but also into criminology and forensics. The role of education in crime prevention is also considered. In addition, certain issues, such as the determinism and causes of crime, have been addressed encompassing a wide period of time – from the present days to Ancient China, Rome and Greece.

The book also addresses such important issues as corruption crimes in the public and private spheres and money laundering. When analyzing certain issues of the special part of the Criminal Law, the author also focuses on the analysis of case law. A particularly extensive review and analysis of case law is devoted to offenses related to trademark and design.

The author has also criticized certain aspects of the new concept of sentencing. From among the issues of criminal procedure, such issues as the compliance of the term for submission of a cassation complaint with Article 92 of the Satversme (Constitution), as well as the examination of newly discovered circumstances have been considered.

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Photo by Santa Koha, official publisher Latvijas Vestnesis