On 12 June, the Saeima opened the book “Commentary on the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Chapter V. Legislation”, which was drafted within the framework of the project of creating scientific commentaries on the Satversme (Constitution) and is the seventh commented chapter of the Constitution.

The team of authors of edition consists of 38 scientists, researchers and experts, including Dr. iur. Jautrite Briede, Senator of the Supreme Court and Professor of the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, and Dita Plepa, Legal Research Counsel to the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court.

Jautrite Briede commented on Article 78 and Article 79 of the Satversme. In turn, Dita Plepa, in cooperation with Janis Lazdins gave commentary on Article 66 of the Satversme and in cooperation with Anita Rodiņa – on Article 80 of the Satversme.

The study of the legislative constitutional procedures lasted for more than three years and is summarized in a 592-page monograph containing not only commentaries on the regulations of the Satversme, but also on several valuable articles on legislation in the annex “Notes on the legislative process”. An article “The legislator in search of new areas of regulation” written by Dr. iur. Dace Sulmane, Adviser to the Secretariat of the Council for the Judiciary, is also published in the monograph, which outlines a new challenge for the legislator – non-expansion of the regulatory framework.

The book also includes a study on the official publication – the final stage of the legislative process in the Latvian legal system from its beginnings in 1918. The authors of this study are Santa Ratnika and Darta Udre, assistants to judges of the Department of Administrative Cases, who created this study under the supervision of Dr. iur. Janis Pleps.

The project of the University of Latvia has been going on for more than 10 years, and the first edition of commentaries “The Fundamental Human Rights” was issued by publishers “Latvijas Vestnesis” in 2011. The Constitution has an introduction and eight chapters, seven of which are now commented.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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