The Supreme Court received sad news. Former Senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court and Judge Emeritus of the Supreme Court Rolands Krauze has passed away. He died on November 6, at the age of 86.

1962-1976, Rolands Krauze was the judge of the Civil Court Panel of the Supreme Court. Then he worked at the University of Latvia and was an attorney. In 1994, he returned to the Supreme Court and in 1995 became the Senator of Department of Civil Cases of the Senate.

After retirement in 2005 he continued to serve as adviser to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on law enforcement issues, the head of the Division of Complaints, the adviser to the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate.

Judges of the Supreme Court of the Department of Civil Cases – both those who worked with Rolands Krauze and those that did not but applied his publications in practice - remember Rolands Krauze as smart and bright person, as also evidenced in his performance in the field of law.

Rolands Krauze was one of the leading Latvian specialists in housing and inheritance law.

Commentaries to the Law "On Residential Tenancy" with additions also are topical nowadays and are used in hearing cases related to the residential tenancy.

Commentaries to section of inheritance law of the Civil Law developed also by Rolands Krauze, still is of help to judges to settle disputes regarding inheritance law.

In 2005, Senator Krauze received the Cross of Recognition and the Award of the Cabinet of Ministers for the developing commentaries to the Civil Law. He also was the first who received Supreme Court Themis Award in category "Person of the Year - 2005". In 2013, the Saeima (Parliament) awarded Rolands Krauze with the Jufge Emeritus title.

Judges remember Rolands Krauze as always polite, friendly and accommodating colleague. He knew how to cheer up with a smile and give encouragement to younger colleagues, saying that they are capable and knowledgeable. It is a great skill to be so wise and bright, but at the same time without creating impression that one feels superior to others.

Rolands Krauze, associate to the Department of Civil Cases, is compared to White Father (character from play of Latvian poet and playwright Rainis) and he will always be remembered.

Rolands Krauze’s work remains of great importance to the history of Latvian court system and the Supreme Court.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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