On December 31, Ilze Skultane, the Judge of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court, terminates her duties of a judge. The judge retires.

Ilze Skultane had been working as a judge for 33 years, her experience in this office is rich and versatile – she had been a judge of a district court, Chair of Bauska Court, after the establishment of the Constitutional Court in 1996 she had been a judge of the first composition of the new court. When in 2004 after the Administrative Procedure Law came into force, administrative courts were formed, including the Administrative Department of the Supreme Court, Ilze Skultane worked as a judge in the newly established Department.

Alongside the judge's office, Ilze Skultane has lectured at the University of Latvia for ten years. She was also the member of the first composition of the Judicial Ethics Commission since its creation in 2008.

Each work year has enriched the experience, however the judge recognizes final stage of the work – at the Supreme Court – as the most interesting one, because it embraced both specifics, cases about specific life situations, and application of legal theory and law interpretation. Judge specialized in the social security issues – social insurance, social aid, employment. And when asked which cases have particularly have remained in her memory Ilze Skultane pints out case on social protection of individuals related to Chernobyl disaster, regarding which the judgement of the Department changed court’s previous practice. As well as she mentions the case of pension recalculation of workers with disabilities, if disability category changes. In this case the Department submitted an application to the Constitutional Court.

Before leaving the Supreme Court, the judge summarizes the Department's findings on social rights issues, and it can be seen that there have been numerous significant cases in this sphere. It has always been important for the judge to apply the law in a way so as to find the fairest solution possible.

Ilze Skultane is rewarded with the Mark of Distinction of Judicial System and on November 18 of this year received the highest state award – Order of the Three Stars.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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