Thursday, 21 December, Supreme Court Themis Awards 2017 were given. Inara Garda, Judge of the Department of Civil Cases, received the Professional Themis Award. Creative Themis Award was received by Liga Kuple, computer graphic artist of the Division of Communication. And Special Themis Award was given to Janis Supe, Head of the Division of Document Administration.

When nominating Inara Garda for the Professional Themis Award, she is characterized as a judge with specific work capacity, professional skills and rich life experience, reflected in the results of her work. For several years, Inara Garda has been one of the judges dealing with most cases in the Department of Civil Cases. This year, by December, 110 cases had been closed by Inara Garda as reporting judge (average number of cases examined by one judge at that time was 88). In addition to deciding cases, Inara Garda carries out other duties with great responsibility – she is a long-time secretary of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court and a representative of the Supreme Court judges in the Council for the Judiciary. The judge also leads practical training for students and represents the Supreme Court during international visits.
Janis Supe has been awarded the Special Themis Award for promoting the recognition of the Supreme Court in Europe by leading and implementing an international project. In 2017, he managed a large international project "Supreme Courts as guarantee for effectiveness of judicial systems in European Union", which made the Supreme Court internationally recognizable, as well as useful experience was gained; “Guidelines for managing Supreme Courts” were issued. Closing conference of the international project was held in Riga.

The Creative Themis Award was given to computer graphic artist Liga Kuple. She was awarded for the creation of the visual image of the Supreme Court, and she has been especially creative this year: she designed the new book of the Supreme Court, created the design for exhibition of the centenary of the Senate, the special centenary calendar, and in particular – the logo of the Senate's centenary.

According to rules regarding Themis Awards, the Professional Themis Award is given for a special, bright, high-quality professional achievement; the Creative Themis Award is given for initiatives and successful ideas; while for the Special Themis Award, the nomination is presented by the applicant, justifying the suitability of a nominee for this prize in a given year. The winners receive the travelling Themis Award – the symbol of the Palace of Justice – a copy of Karlis Zemdega’s sculpture "Justice" created by Edvins Krumins.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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