On December 30, Valters Pokis, judge of Regional Administrative Court, will cease judicial duties at the Supreme Court.

By the decision of the Council for the Judiciary, Valters Pokis had been replacing the judge of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court during judge’s temporary absence as from the beginning of 2019. Since Supreme Court judge Jautrite Briede has returned from a long absence, and considering that the number of judges in the Department of Administrative Cases has to be 10 senators as determined by law on January 2, 2010, judge Valters Pokis shall return to his permanent place of office, that is, to Regional Administrative Court.

Valters Pokis highly appreciates the experience gained at the Supreme. When comparing the essential differences between proceedings in different court instances, communication between judges of cassation court plays an essential role. When reviewing a case, all judges should arrive at a common conclusion, taking into account not only the opinions of the particular panel, but also the Department's overall position on the relevant legal issues. The more co-decisions have to be made, the more thoroughly the issue is examined and discussed. This is the experience gained while working in the Senate.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: +371 67020396, +371 28652211