The last day of October was particularly interesting and exploratory for 12th grade students of Riga State Gymnasium No 2. Veronika Krumina, the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court, gave a lesson in law at school where she herself had studied for eleven years. 

Veronika Krumina introduced the students with the Latvian judicial system, which enables people to clarify their truth in three court instances, as well as with different categories of cases and procedure for examination of cases at court. The judge composed her narrative in a way to answer questions that are relevant and topical for the students. She provided both specific answers to specific questions and expressed her reflections on issues that affect everyone's rights. Giving examples of different situations arising from different cases, the judge encouraged the pupils to be careful when signing any documents in a hurry, or when volunteering to help a friend and acting as surety for his/her educational loan agreement or any other loan agreement. As the judge admitted, there are different situations in life, and the court cannot help if a person has recklessly made a commitment or pledged his family home.

In response to students’ questions, Veronika Krumina told the students about her career as a judge. After graduating from the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia and working for several years in the public administration, Veronika Krumina saw the need to be more independent in decision-making, which sometimes, when working in the public administration, is not feasible. The time coincided with the creation of administrative courts, which enabled the use of past work experience to create a system that would enable people to defend their rights in dealing with state and local authorities.

In conclusion of the visit, Veronika Krumina wished young people to find their path in life and not to be mistaken in choosing a profession, and to have a job that is satisfying.

On November 7, judge Veronika Krumina will also visit the school from which her mother has graduated – Akniste Secondary School, where she will also give a lesson in law and encourage students to participate in discussion.

The Supreme Court this year – in the centenary anniversary of Latvia – encourages judges to visit their schools to talk with the young generation about the state, its structure, place of the judiciary and the role of a judge in public life. Aigars Strupiss, the Chair of the Department of Civil Cases, as well as Solvita Harbacevica, the Head of the Secretariat of the Council for the Judiciary, and Egils Levits, the Judge of the European Court of Justice, have also expressed their interest in visiting their schools, their parents’ schools and their hometowns.


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