Judges and employees of the Supreme Court supported and answered to charity campaign „Let’s warm the winter”, and donated new and used yarns, and also knitting needoes and sweaters to be undone to manual training society in Daily Care centre of Riga home.

„Visitation of classes in manual training society in Daily Care centre of Riga home is very active, and now, due to donations, they can be organised not only once a week, but more frequently. The number of those, who want work, is enough, they even plan to organise Christmas exhibition or even far with their works”, the coordinator of of the campaign, the student of Business High School „Turība” Zane tells.

During the campaign that took place from October 26 till November 6, there was made invitation, when winter is at hand, to help to provide homeless inhabitants of Riga with warm scarves, gloves, socks and caps. But it had been offered not to give finished items, but to give yarns and knitting needles, so that people would knit themselves. In Daily Care Centre there was created the society of manual training, where people, whose home at present is street, could come and knit clothing for themselves and other homeless people.

The employees of the Supreme Court during several years also have organise Christmas campaigns themselves, thus supporting concrete infant institutions, according to recommendations of Latvia Children’s Fund. Donations of judges and employees of the Supreme Court have been received by special boarding-school in Rudzate, children’s home in Ergeme, Centre of children’s social rehabilitation „Musmajas” in Kraslava, Centre of children and family „Rukitis” in Saldus district, elementary boarding-school of sanatorium type in Raiskums and special elementary boarding-school in Pelci.



Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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