On June 28, judges and prosecutors from several European Union countries visited the Supreme Court for the exchange of experience. The guests were welcomed by Anita Zikmane, Head of the Division of Case Law and Research of the Supreme Court.

Anita Zikmane introduced the guests to the structure of the Supreme Court, its performance indicators, as well as informed in more detail about the course of the proceedings in the cassation instance and about the accessibility to court rulings.

Questions were asked about the possibility of releasing a person from the obligation to pay a security deposit, the procedure for appointing judges, in particular the course of the process and the essence of the decision in parliament. There was a discussion regarding the importance of case law in court proceedings, as well as the change of case law or the procedure for deviating from case law. The participants of the meeting praised the availability of the essential findings of the Senate as attached directly to specific legal norms, as well as the fact that such case law findings are available to everyone free of charge.

The guests also walked the corridors of the Palace of Justice, having a look in the historic Senate Courtroom and gaining an insight into the history of the Court at the Supreme Court Museum.

The international exchange visit of judges and prosecutors is organized by the Latvian Judicial Training Centre within the framework of the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) project. The project aims to promote the mutual recognition of legal practices by strengthening the single European legal area.



Information prepared by Iveta Jaudzema, International Cooperation Specialist of the Supreme Court

E-mail: iveta.jaudzema@at.gov.lv; telephone: +371 67020396