Latvian judges will come together on April 17, for the next annual conference, on which they are going to express a position of judges in connection with already occurred and still expected reduction of financing of judicial system. Judges will exchange opinions on ability of judicial system to operate and a wholesome carrying out judicial functions in the conditions of the limited budget of an economic crisis.

Besides this central theme of conference, the judges should solve some questions in connection with institutions of judicial self-government.

One year ago at judicial conference the new institution of judicial self-government – the Committee on Judicial ethics had been created. Its Chair Visvaldis Sprudzans will present the report on work within the first year, problems and conclusions. The Committee on Judicial ethics has drawn a conclusion that in its regulations accurately is not specified, under whose initiative and how the commission carries out one of the functions, provided by law article 912 «On Judicial Power», namely, discussion of infringements of norms of ethics. The Committee has prepared adjuncts to regulations of the Committee on Judicial ethics, which are to be affirmed at the conference.

At conference it will be necessary to discuss and affirm also regulations of Board of Judicial Qualification. Before that, as the basis of activity of the board served the regulations confirmed by it, but with amendments in the law «On Judicial Power» from April 3, 2008 it has been defined that the Board of Judicial Qualification operates according to regulations which have been affirmed at Judicial conference. It is necessary to re-elect also one of members of the Board of Judicial Qualification as the former representative of the Chamber of criminal cases of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics is at present the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Changes are necessary also in composition of Judicial Disciplinary Committee. It will be necessary to select new member of Disciplinary Committee among chairmen of district courts as the former Chair of Administrative regional court Aldis Lavins became the senator of the Supreme Court, one representative – among chiefs of land books, as Arnis Naglis had been attested to the post of the judge of court of Ogres district, and for the place of the former Chair of the court of Cesu district Juris Kavis it is necessary to select the representative among chairmen of district courts.

As usually, in the beginning of the conference visitors will take the floor with speeches. It is planned that it will be the President Valdis Zatlers, the President of Ministers Valdis Dombrovskis and assistant of the chair of Saeima, the Chair of Legal Commission Vineta Muizniece. Basic reports will be presented by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics and Minister of Justice Mareks Seglins.

The director of Latvian Centre of training of Judges Solvita Kalnina-Caune will inform on topicalities and innovations in the work of the centre.

Representatives of mass media are also invited to the Latvian Judicial Conference. Conference will take place in hotel «Reval Hotel Latvija», the beginning is at 10:00 o’clock.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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