In the meeting of August 31, the Judicial Qualification Panel having evaluated the submitted materials and spoken with the judge of the Zemgales Regional Court Inta Lauka, approved her confirmation in the position of the Supreme Court judge.

Inta Lauka was born in 1958. She studied in the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia which she graduated from in 1982 as a specialist in law. In 1982, she started to work as a senior counsel in the Agricultural industrial company of Stucka region and in the company “Koknese”. From 1993 till 1996 she held a position of judge in the Aizkraukle District Court. In 1996, I. Lauka was approved in the position of judge of Zemgales Regional Court where she reviewed both civil cases which were in the jurisdiction of the regional court as the court of first instance, and civil cases under the procedure of appeal.

In 2004, the judge was conferred the second qualification degree.

I. Lauka has attended the seminars for the judges of the panel of civil cases of the regional courts organized by the Supreme Court and the Judicial Training Center. In 2007, within the framework of the EU Twinning project “International Family Law” she participated in the conference “Reform, Ethics and Transparency of the Legal System”. The judge has lectured on the insolvency process in the Judges Training Center, and on issues on protection of human rights in Zemgales Regional Court, courts of Aizkraukle, Bauska, Jekabpils, Tukums, Dobele and Jelgava. Besides, I. Lauka controls the activities of notaries and court executors, presents conclusions to the Judicial Qualification Panel on the work of judges of the first instance – district courts of Aizkraukle, Jekabpils, Bauska within the territory of Zemgales Regional Court.

Positive opinion regarding promotion of I. Lauka to the position of the Supreme Court judge was expressed by the Chairman of the Zemgales Regional Court I. Preisa, and the acting Chairman of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court Senate Rita Saulite. They note that I. Lauka fulfils her duties with high sense of responsibility, is precise and accurate, the proceedings and the procedural documents drawn up by the judge comply with the requirements of the standards of the Civil Procedure Law, the rulings are logical and motivated. “The judgments made up by the judge excel both with versatile and complete description of actual circumstances and correct legal assessment and motivation”, R. Saulite says.

In 2005, I. Lauka was awarded Diploma of the Court Administration, and in 2006 – the II grade Diploma and the Silver Pen of the Ministry of Justice.

In accordance with the law “On Judicial Power”, after receiving the opinion from the Judicial Qualification Panel, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court applies to the Saeima (Parliament) to confirm the judge in the position. After a positive decision, the Plenary Session decides on confirmation of a judge in one of the structural units of the Supreme Court.