On November 3, at the Labour Law Forum of the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia, Dzintra Balta, Senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate will present Senate's findings in cases on equal and transparent wages.

The senator will talk about aspects of labour law addressed in Senate rulings, such as equal pay (cases No SKC-67/2007, SKC-792/2017), the consequences of not observing the deadline for filing a claim (case No SKC-79/2018), ensuring similar or equivalent job after returning from a child care leave (cases No SKC-783/2021, SKC-2608/2014), as well as on the trade union's right to obtain information about wages (case No SKC-259/2018).

What regards the last topic, special attention will be focused on the recent Senate’s judgment in the case No SKC-171/2022 on accountable social dialogue and the trade union's duty to provide information about its members.

This year, the Labour Law Forum will focus on issues such as the application of trade union rights in practice and the protection of trade union representatives, the problematics of recording working hours, especially in the case of remote work, also in ensuring equal pay in practice, as well as the future legal framework of labour rights at the European Union level and the related Labour Law amendments.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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