With every year the number of convicts in Latvian courts is being reduced. In Year 2006 9925 person were convicted, which is for 1293 p. less then in year 2005 and for 3661 p. less than in year 2003. Statistics summarized by Supreme Court show that. In Statistics summary Court Information System data were used.
More than one third of convicts last year were previously convicted and committed a crime in group. Women make 8,4 % of all convicts, minors - 13,4%. Most convicts are in the age group of 18 to 24 years old, less – after 50 years old. And this tendency had’t changed during last four years.
Almost half of convicts are imposed with conditional sentence. But this type of punishment has the tendency to reduce in the total amount of sentences. Same way the amount of person, that are indemnified is being reduced, fine was imposed a little more rarely than before. Custody was imposed in 27% of cases. Other types of punishment are being used more often, mostly forced labour.
Imposing custody, the most imposed term appeared to be from 1 to 3 years that took place in 49 % of case. Last year life imprisonment was imposed to two people, in accordance with Criminal law Articles 117-118 in both cases – aggravated murder or particularly aggravated murder.
Most convicts in Latvian court are convicted for larceny (2617 person) and for criminal acts against road safety (2056). In year 2006 98 person were convicted for murder, four of them were imposed with conditional sentence, rest – with custody.
Analyzing types of punishments imposed to minors, it is clearly seen that in more of half of all case – 53% - conditional sentence is imposed, but this type of penalty (if to compare with last years) has the tendency to reduce in total amount of penalties. Minors are being imposed with custody more often and forced labour is being imposed more often as well. 6% of minor convicts were indemnified or imposed with measure of compulsion of instructional type. The type of a crime mostly committed by minors is larceny, it took place in 74 % of case. Six minors were convicted for aggravated murder or particularly aggravated murder, all of them were imposed with custody. The term of custody for three minors exceed the term of 10 years.
It is possible to get acquainted with above mentioned date on Supreme Court web-page www.at.gov.lv in section Statistics.