Issue No 20 of the Supreme Court Bulletin is published during the changing times in the Supreme Court. The term of office of Ivars Bickovics as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court expires in June, and a new candidate for the position of the Chief Justice has been nominated. This topic is also on the pages of the Bulletin telling about 12 challenging years during the term of office of Ivars Bickovics and a detailed review of the work of the Judicial Council since its establishment. As well as the opinion of Aigars Strupiss, the candidate for the position of the Chief Justice nominated by the judges of the Supreme Court, on the state and development of the Senate and the judicial system is included in the latest issue of the Bulletin.

The Bulletin also contains the vision of Anita Polakova, the new Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate, on the future activities of the Department.

One can also get acquainted with the report on the work of the Supreme Court in 2019; there is statistics and the report of chairs of the departments and heads of other structural units of the Senate and conclusions regarding the past year.

There is an extensive review of the past year in the section of case law: the most significant rulings of the Senate departments in the second half of the year, an overview of rulings containing case law findings published on the Supreme Court website, as well as a findings of rulings in which the Senate has changed its case law, an overview of questions referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union for a preliminary ruling, as well as applications to the Constitutional Court.

Providing insight into other activities of the Supreme Court, more information on two surveys is displayed – a survey of persons involved in court proceedings on the factors influencing the length of court proceedings and a survey of Latvian entrepreneurs on awareness and communication with the Supreme Court. The survey of entrepreneurs was also discussed on the Media Day of the Supreme Court, and the Bulletin also provides an insight into it.

In the section dedicated to legal thoughts, several publications are related to the legal provisions of the European Union in Latvian case law – Senator Jautrite Briede speaks on their application in administrative proceedings, Head of the Division of Case law and Research Anita Zikmane speaks about criminal proceedings in the Senate. Senators Anita Polakova and Aivars Uminskis have shared the experience of Latvian courts in international cooperation in human trafficking cases. Whereas, Consultant to the Division of Case-law and Research Zinaida Indruna has studied the issue of challenging the actions unfavourable to creditors, ranging from the case law of the interwar Senate of Latvia to the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Solvita Harbacevica, Head of the Secretariat of the Judicial Council, analyses the role of judicial self-government institutions in the mechanism of separation of powers. The Bulletin also contains the regulations approved by the Judicial Council, namely, the procedure for selection of candidates for the position of a judge of a district (city) court and regional court, which creates a new selection system of judges in Latvia, as well as another new regulation – a regulation of competition, evaluation criteria and selection procedure of candidates for the position of prosecutor general.

The history section tells about a time about 30 years ago – the formation of the restored Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia and the beginning of its activities from 1990 to December 1992, when the law “On Judicial Power” was adopted.

The Supreme Court Bulletin is published twice a year. It is received by Latvian courts and other institutions of the judicial system, libraries and law faculties of universities.

See here: Supreme Court Bulletin No 20


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