The Latvian Association of Administrative Judges has sent an acknowledgement of support and respect to its Ukrainian colleagues and an appeal to European judges to stand in solidarity and to request their governments to provide all necessary financial, military and humanitarian assistance and to introduce serious and effective sanctions to stop Russia's brutal assault.

Addressing colleagues in Europe, the Association of Administrative Judges stated that we have woken up in another world, “Russia is interfering unhindered in Ukraine's territorial integrity, threatening its independence, causing fear and despair. It is happening nearby, in the European Union's neighbourhood. We must not be passive bystanders and observers. We must not allow a recurrence of the 1939 agreement, when independent states were deprived of their freedom. Ukraine not only has to withstand an attack from another country, but it also has to pay with its sacrifices for the security of us, the rest of Europe.”

The Association calls upon the European judges to stand together and speak out for the values that the democratic world stands for: the rule of law, human rights and respectful relations with one another. They are only seemingly self-evident.

In turn, addressing the judges of Ukraine, the association emphasizes that “In a bright memory we have Ukraine's support during the bloody events that occurred in the Baltics in January 1991. Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with you and we express our solidarity in your struggle against a brutal aggressor attacking your country. For an independent, free and democratic Ukraine. Ukraine, we are with you!”

A letter of support is sent to the Supreme Court of Ukraine, while the appeal to European judges – to the Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union, the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union, the Association of European Administrative Judges, the European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment and to other institutions.