Learning the Latvian experience of corruption prevention, the delegation of the National Anticorruption Department of the Prosecutor General Office of Romania visited the Supreme Court on May 5 and met with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans and the Head of the Administration Anita Kehre.

The Romanian prosecutors were interested to understand one of the functions of the Supreme Court which is not characteristic for the highest court instances of all the countries, and namely – the duty provided for in the Investigatory Operations Law to authorize investigatory activities to be undertaken in a special manner. Without disclosing particular numbers and facts, A. Gulans noted that it is a huge additional work which has to be performed by separate judges appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and that there was also negative experience when the officers of the operational investigation wished to obtain and make use of the sanctions of judges for illegal activities, as well.

The prosecutors asked the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also about the rights of a prosecutor in court proceedings, which differ in Latvia and Romania. In Romania, a prosecutor only maintains the action, but is not a participant of the trial, and a prosecutor has no right, for example, to file a recusation regarding a judge or a panel of judges.

The Chief Justice gave answers to other questions – regarding the most frequent kinds of crimes, the most complicated criminal cases, the practice of pre-trial detention in Latvia.

This was the second group of officials of the National Anticorruption Department of the Prosecutor General Office of Romania visiting Latvia within the framework of the Twinning project “Improvement of fighting corruption” funded by the European Union. Last year the Romanian prosecutors also visited the Supreme Court to learn the experience of Latvia regarding prevention of corruption.

The Romanian prosecutors had a meeting also in the Bureau of Corruption Prevention, the Prosecutor General Office, the Commission of Defense, Interior Affairs and Corruption Prevention of the Saeima (Parliament) and the Ombudsman’s Office. The Head of the Supreme Court Administration Anita Kehre was the coordinator of the visit. Prior to the visit in Latvia, the Romanian prosecutors had a similar training visit in Finland.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 7020396, 28652211