Although the ninth edition of “The Supreme Court Bulletin” has been printed yet, it may be read in electronic form on the web site of the Supreme Court already.  

Materials of two conferences – allocutions, reports and summary of discussions heard at the conference “Courts in Legal Culture Space” dedicated to the tenth anniversary of administrative courts and materials of Latvian Judges’ Conference – are published in this issue of the bulletin.

Appraising an event, which is important for Latvian court system – ten years since the Administrative Procedure Law became effective and administrative courts were established – the Supreme Court supported proposal of the Department of Administrative Court to celebrate it by organising public conference “Courts in Legal Culture Space”. The conference was held on 14 April in the Great Hall of the University of Latvia and it was attended by more than 300 listeners. Discussion on legal culture was organised in three directions – relations between courts and politicians, relations between courts and media and relations between courts and society. Lawyers, politicians, media experts, sociologists – authorities of their branches – took the floor at the conference. Allocutions and reports read by Ivars Bickovics, Kristine Strada-Rozenberga, Veronika Krumina, Janis Pleps, Lolita Cigane, Egils Levits, Gunars Kusins, Dina Gailite, Anita Kovalevska, Irena Kucina, Anda Rozukalne, Martins Mits, Arvids Dravnieks, Janis Ikstens, Jautrite Briede, Gatis Litvins and Baiba Broka are published in the Supreme Court bulletin.

The second important section of the bulletin is dedicated to Latvian Judges’ Conference held on 5 September, and the main issue on its agenda was assessment of the first quadrennial term of activity and prospects of development of the Council for the Judiciary  Materials of the conference – allocutions of officials, reports by members of the Council for the Judiciary, readings by foreign guests, speeches of candidates to an office of a member of the Council for the Judiciary and reports by Heads of institutions of judicial self-government are published in the bulletin.

As usually, decisions important for the court system are published in the Supreme Court bulletin. Those are not only decisions of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court, but also decisions of the Council for the Judiciary on issues, which are conceptual for a court system, and decisions of the Judges’ Conferences regarding elections of institutions of judicial self-conference.

Review on experience gained by judges on business trips and other information of the Supreme Court is also published in the Supreme Court bulletin.

The section “Legal thoughts” also does not stay away, which this time contains report by Peteris Dzalbe, the Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases, on problems of use of information obtained within operational activity measures in criminal procedure and information summary accepted by the Department of Administrative Cases on legitimate aims of restriction of right to assembly and right to freedom of expression in context of national security and social security. The section of legal practice in its turn includes conclusions and proposals of several compilations of case-law.

The Supreme Court bulletin has been published twice a year. It is delivered to all Latvian courts and other institutions of system of justice; it is also delivered to libraries and faculties of law of higher educational institutions, as well as published on the web site of the Supreme Court

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