On November 21, at the annual general meeting of the Latvian Judicial Association the new President of the Latvian Judicial Association was elected. From now on these duties will be fulfilled by the Head of the Bauskas District Court Iveta Andzane. In this position she will replace the former President Ivars Bickovics who led the Judicial Association since 1998.

89 of the 92 participants of the general meeting voted for the election of Andzane. The Senator Aldis Lavins representing the Supreme Court, the Head of the Vidzemes Regional Court Edite Knegere representing the regional courts and the judge of the Cesis District Court Dace Bluma representing the district (town) courts were elected in the position of Vice Presidents of the Latvian Judicial Association. The following persons were elected in the Board of the Judicial Association: Ivars Bickovics from the Supreme Court, Sandra Strence from the Riga courts region, Indulis Konosonoks and Aldis Stienis from the Vidzemes courts region, Adrija Kasakovska, Juris Silins and Marina Ribina from the Zemgales courts region, Gunita Galina from the Kurzemes courts region, Anna Biksiniece, Andris Strauts and Helena Muizniece from the Latgales courts region. The Supreme Court Judge Janis Tiltins was elected in the position of the chairman of the Auditing Commission, Anita Cernavska and Ilze Celmina – in the position of the members of the Auditing Commission.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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