During the celebration of the White Tablecloth Day, which took place in Garkalne Public Centre on the afternoon of May 3, the visitors watched the movie “Senators” – a story about 30 senators who worked in the Senate of Latvia or the court of cassation in the first period of the independence of Latvia in 1918-1940.

Voldemars Zamuels – the Chair of the Latvian National Council, senator of the Senate of Latvia, the first chief prosecutor of the Senate of Latvia, the l Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice – lived in Garkalne (then named Ropazi). Therefore, the villagers consider senator Zamuels their fellow-man.

The participants of the event also met with Normunds Belskis, who on May 4, 1990 was one of the 138 members of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia, who voted for the restoration of Latvia's independence.

"The courageous people, our fellow people we are proud of took part in formation of Latvian State and restoration of the independence," said manager of a lady club Brigita Tauckele, who learned about the lives of the villagers and who was the organizer of the celebration of White Tablecloth Day.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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