On Thursday, February 10, the biographical dictionary of judges of the Supreme Court and regional courts “Latvian Judges 1990–2020” will be opened. Anyone interested will be able to watch the live broadcast of the opening.

The event will be hosted by author of the book Valters Ščerbinskis, Doctor of History.

There will be speeches and well-wishes of public officials. There will be conversations about the life calling – becoming a judge, career development and fulfilment of family dreams. There will be meetings with judges of different generations – the creators of the renewed Latvian court system and the new judges who have taken up the office recently.

The dictionary contains biographies of judges of the Supreme Court and regional courts for the period from the restoration of independence in 1990 to August 2020. In total, there are 275 biographies.

In the introductory part of the book, the author Valters Ščerbinskis points out, “After regaining independence in 1990, the Republic of Latvia had to re-establish its judicial system. This was done gradually through legislative changes, the reform of the judiciary and the selection and appointment of judges suitable for an independent state. These three factors, together with the development and implementation of the idea of ​​the legal system in the new circumstances to Latvia, also determined the selection of the corps of judges.”

This book is a valuable continuation of the first edition created by historians Valters Ščerbinsskis and Ēriks Jēkabsons – the biographical dictionary “Latvian Judges 1918–1940” published in 2017. It allows to learn about the life of Latvian judges who worked in the Senate, the Chamber of Courts and regional courts before the occupation of Latvia. The new edition focuses on the judges who ensured the restoration and development of our country's democratic values ​​and the rule of law to this day.

"The position of a judge is honourable and requires taking responsibility. The biographical dictionary of judges of the Supreme Court and regional courts will provide the public with a broader insight into the many outstanding and talented personalities belonging to the judiciary, as well as will tell about their life paths,” President Egils Levits points out in the foreword to the book.

The opening of the book on February 10 at 14.00 will be broadcasted on the social platforms of the Court Administration:

  • Youtube account: https://bit.ly/3uBHO5C 
  • Facebook account: https://bit.ly/3LidSSb​


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: +371 67020396, +371 286522