Participants of the Young Lawyers University of the University of Latvia acquired knowledge not only theoretically but also practically, namely, by solving cases during classes, as well as going on field trips and meeting with practitioners in the field. At the conclusion of the second lesson on 9 November, the students visited the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

During the visit to the Supreme Court, the students were introduced to the history of the Palace of Justice and the history of the Senate as an institution of judicial power. An overview of the Latvian judicial system as well as of the work of the Supreme Court was provided. The students learned about the structure and competence of the Supreme Court, about the differences in handling of cases in the cassation court and in the first and second instance courts, as well as about the role of the Supreme Court in the judicial system.

During the tour, the pupils had the opportunity to visit the courtrooms, as well as the sculpture "Justice" created by Karlis Zemdega.

In order to attract genuinely interested and study-motivated applicants to the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, the Faculty has created a series of lessons of Young Lawyers University for 12th grade students. Lessons are given by members of the Faculty of Law. 50 students registered for the project.


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