The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans in accordance with Article 44, part 2, of the law On Judicial Power today issued an instruction which states that on Monday, September 17, at 15.00, the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court will be convened.

There are two issues on the agenda. First, the Plenary Session will decide on the appointment in the position of the senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate and also the election of the Chairman of the Department. The secretary is assigned to prepare the documents to be discussed till September 10. The vacancy in the Department of Civil Cases opened after the death of its long-term Chairman Martins Dudelis on June 28, 2007.

The Plenary Session will decide also on the necessity to form a work group which could evaluate the ethics of conduct of those Supreme Court judges which allegedly are connected with the scandal of tapping of the phone calls. The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Latvia Janis Maizitis is invited to attend the Plenary Session and he was asked by the Chief Justice to find a possibility to present to the Plenary Session the materials which are at the disposal of the Prosecutor Office – print-outs of the conversations of the judges and attorneys – so that they could be used in this work.

The regulations of the Plenary Session state that a decision is passed if the majority of the total number of judges has voted for it.


Information prepared by Anita Kehre, Head of the Supreme Court Administration

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