On April 6, the seven new judges who recently started their careers had an inspiring study day at the Supreme Court. They met with Aigars Strupišs, the President of the Supreme Court, and also learned the history of Latvian courts.

The lecture by the President of the Supreme Court "Role and challenges of a judge in the 21st century" was not just a lecture – it was a conversation about the mission of a judge and a professional advice to new colleagues for their future work. Moreover, the discussion focused on ‘stumbling blocks’ that new judges should pay attention to, as well as on the organization of their work, critical thinking and method of solving cases, and on the judge's disciplinary liability and ethics.

In conclusion of the conversation, the President of the Supreme Court called on the new judges to remember that a judge is not an employee who works under the leadership of a manager. Every judge is an official of constitutional rank whose duty is to directly implement Article 92 of the Constitution, namely everyone's right to a fair trial. This is the duty and mission of the judge.

After the lecture, the new judges took a short tour of the Palace of Justice and the Supreme Court Museum to learn about the history of Latvian courts, which demonstrates the special role of judges in all stages of history.

The Supreme Court was attended by judges of the Riga City Court Ilona Sabīne Sviķe, Laura Smukule and Dans Dibaņins, the judge of the Economic Court Miks Čevers, the judges of the Riga District Court Guntis Lauskis and Evija Ofkante and the judge of the Kurzeme District Court Kristaps Bresis.

The training program for new judges is an introductory course intended to prepare them for independent judicial work. The program is implemented by the Latvian Judges Training Centre in cooperation with experienced judges and leading professionals from various fields.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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