This week the legal bookshops will start selling of the Collection of Rulings of the Supreme Court of 2015.

In the introduction to the book, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, indicates that each judgement and decision of the Supreme Court has been not only resolution of particular dispute, but also answers to questions of fundamental importance for the entire legal system, when establishing and developing case-law. Despite the wide availability of the rulings on the internet, the Supreme Court preserves the tradition to publish annual collection of the rulings in printed format.

The Collection of Rulings of 2015 is anniversary edition – the annual collection of judgments and decisions of the cassation instance has been published for twentieth time. The long-term cooperation partner and publisher of this Collection is the Courthouse Agency. Their awareness that the book is valuable not only due to current practical use, but also as evidence of history of law of Latvia, has ensured the opportunity to the Supreme Court to preserve the tradition.

In total, 75 rulings, of utmost importance, were selected for the Collection of Rulings. 25 rulings from among 1827 cases examined by the Department of  Civil Cases, 25 rulings from among 708 cases examined by the Department of Criminal Cases and 25 rulings from among 1060 cases examined by the Department of Administrative Cases.

To one judgement in the case No SKA-102/2015 added also the separate opinions of judges of the Department of Administrative Cases. Three published rulings in the cases No SKA-86/2015, No SKA-119/2015 and No SKK-389 change the established case-law.

Each section of rulings of the book has extensive table of contents, as well as annotations in Latvian and English. Published rulings are systematized and they are annexed with judicature theses. Additionally, the book is supplemented with various indices that will help to find the necessary ruling and specific conclusion of case-law.

The Chairs of the Departments of the Supreme Court Edite Vernusa, Peteris Dzalbe and Veronika Krumina, and assistants to judges Liva Skujina, Nora Magone, and advisor of the Division of Case-law – Zinaida Indruna – took part in elaboration of the collection of rulings of the Supreme Court of 2015.

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