On January 23, thirty pupils got acquainted with daily work of the Supreme Court. Pupils of Riga secondary school Nr. 25 and their form teacher took an opportunity and listened to hearings in Senate. This possibility arouse due to senator Janis Neimanis, who is alumnus of this school. Cases were reviewed in a joint session of Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, with participation of 6 senators. Pupils got concept, how hearings have been held and what is daily work of senators.
Pupils also attended Museum of the Supreme Court, floor of the Cabinet, but the greatest interes was raised by the floor of
Judicial panel of criminal proceedings with bar, in which cases are reviewed with participation of prisoners.
Pupils were glad about unique possibility to see in life, how work of the Court has been organised. Several pupils of senior forms said they wanted to read for the lawyers and work in the Court – and things they saw only strengthened their wish. It has been planned that such excursions in the Supreme Court might be organised more often.


Information prepared by

The press secretary of the Supreme Court Linda Priedite

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