During the period before Christmas and New Year, the charity campaign to collect donations for children whose life has not been so easy has become a good tradition in the Supreme Court. At the end of 2007, judges and employees of the court collected 787 lats, and the money has been sent to the Cēsu region Raiskuma sanatorium boarding elementary school.

The initiator and coordinator of collection of donations, the assistant to the Chairman of the Department of Civil Cases and the management of the court expresses gratitude to everyone who supported and took part in the campaign, and informs that the donation will be very useful to improve everyday living conditions for children, namely – acquisition of a new washing machine. 

For the first time the charity campaign took place in the Supreme Court in 2002 when donations of the judges and court employees – books, toys, stationary and children’s clothes – were contributed to the collective campaign organized by the Latvian Television. In the following years, the court upon the suggestion of the Children’s Foundation supported specific establishments for children transferring the donated money to their account. In 2003, aid from the Supreme Court was sent to Preiļu region Rudzātu specialized boarding school, in 2004 – to Valkas region Ērģemes children’s home, in 2005 – to Krāslavas children’s center of social rehabilitation “Mūsmājas”, and in 2006 – about 600 lats from the Supreme Court were sent to the Saldus region center of children and family “Rūļītis”.


Information prepared by Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

Author: Rasma Zvejniece, Manager of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 7020396, 28652211