A day before the report Plenary Session of the Supreme Court, on Thursday, February 22, at 12.00, in the Hall 461 of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans invites journalists of Latvia to share the opinion on evaluation of the work of the Court and the problems.

In the conference, the Chief Justice will analyze the statistical data for 2006 which starting from today are also accessible in the section “Statistics” of the website www.at.gov.lv..

Figures show that the work load of the Supreme Court Senate has increased considerable what may be explained both by the increased number of judges in the Riga Regional Court and the growth of public awareness of law and the wish to settle disputes in courts. The appellate instance is overloaded, as well, especially the Chamber of Civil Cases. Since 2000, the number of cases received in the Chamber of Civil Cases has doubled. A survey on administrative work will be presented by the Head of Administration Anita Kehre. The year of 2006 was the second year of functioning of this structural unit during which the material technical supply of the Supreme Court has improved considerably, international cooperation has become more active, professional skills of judges and court employees have improved.

Changes have affected also the Division of Case-law, as the Case-law database has begun to function.

And, of course – one of the last currencies – the establishment of Division of Complaints. What were the criteria for selection of candidates and what the society of Latvia may expect from this new structure – more on this and other topical issues of the present moment in the press conference.

Welcome to the Supreme Court! Passes have to be reserved in advance by telephone 7020396.


Information prepared by Anita Kehre, Head of the Administration of the Supreme Court

E-mail: anita.kehre@at.gov.lv, telephone: 7020395, 29287367