The centenary of the adoption of the fundamental law of the Latvian state - the Satversme (Constitution) – is celebrated with a solemn sitting at the Saeima (Parliament) House and youth debates in Riga Castle today, February 15. This is the beginning of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Constitution, within which special events have been planned by various institutions, including the Supreme Court.

In the centenary of the Constitution, the Supreme Court will emphasize the contribution of the Senate to the strengthening of the fundamental values ​​of the Constitution – democracy and the rule of law – and to ensuring the fundamental rights of a person.

Senate on the Constitution

The Supreme Court has already started implementing the project “Senate on the Constitution”, within which the Senate in its rulings quotes and interprets the valuable findings ​​set forth in the articles and principles of the Constitution. The findings of the research are planned to be discussed in the discussion “The Constitution in the Hands of a Judge”.

An international conference on the role of the supreme courts in strengthening the values ​​of the constitution is planned for the autumn.

There will also be other activities dedicated to the centenary of the Constitution, which will be organized both by the Supreme Court itself and the Court be involved in joint events organized by other institutions and the judicial system.

The issue of the journal “Jurista Vārds” dedicated to the centenary of the Constitution is available starting from today, which contains several essays on the values ​​of the Constitution. Senators and court staff have made voice records of the articles of the Constitution in its digitization project and will be visiting 18 schools as messengers of the Constitution within the educational campaign “I, You and the Constitution”. The participation of senators in various discussions and conferences that will be held in the anniversary year will be indispensable part of the events.

A sub-section “Senate on the Constitution” has been created on the website of the Supreme Court, where one can read more about the activities of the Supreme Court in the centenary year of the Constitution.

Open the Constitution!

The joint program of events with the central theme "Open the Constitution!" involves the Chancellery of the President, the Saeima (Parliament), the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture, the official publisher “Latvijas Vēstnesis” (journal “Jurista Vārds” and official website LV Portāls), Latvian Television and portal

A single interactive logo “Satversme 100” has been created, while an overview of the planned activities can be accessed on the inter-institutional website



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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