On Friday, 31st of March governing body of the Supreme Court, together with the members of Qualification Committee were gathered to congratulate Senator Jautrite Briede for her just acquired doctor’s degree in law.
The paper written by J.Briede is called “Administrative Act” and it was presented as monograph. As the doctorate needed to settle the outcome after the presentation, they adopted it unanimously, deciding to give J.Briede doctor’s degree. The scientific leader of the doctor’s work was Dr.iur. Ilmars Bisers, but a huge support through out the writing of the paper the author gained also from Dr.h.c. Ass.iur. Egils Levits. The monograph is devoted to the administrative process. It is giving answers how the administrative act can be abstracted from all the other judicial act types and the public law from the private one; what is the meaning of institution in administrative process and what kind of consequences can emerge as a result of administrative act.
The monograph was published in 2003 and it was also republished few times. J.Briede said that it is a great honour for her as a Senator to hear people use her monograph in the court’s proceedings.