Jautrīte Briede, Senator of the Department of Administrative Cases, has been nominated by the readers of “Jurista Vārds” as one of three most popular authors of the magazine. In its turn, the scientific council of the magazine has named two articles of the Senator as affecting the Latvian Law system.

On November 20, the 500th issue of “Jurista Vārds” was published, and in the atmosphere of this anniversary, the editorial board organized the conference “The Latvian Law System Today”, as well as organized the readers’ poll regarding their favourite authors, but the scientific council of the magazine evaluated the nomination “Articles which have affected essentially the juridical views in Latvia”. The editor of the magazine Dina Gailīte in the jubilee conference expressed assurance that many articles published in the 500 issues of “Jurista Vārds” form the golden fund of the Latvian law and still are being re-read and quoted in both students’ works, and – “what is a great honour for us and our authors, in adjudications of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court”. The editor concludes that debates in “Jurista Vārds” have several times affected also the will of the legislator.

Senator of the Supreme Court and Associate Professor of the University of Latvia, Department of State Law, Jautrīte Briede has published more that ten articles on the administrative procedure and human rights in “Jurista Vārds”. It is noted in the jubilee issue that “rates of the most read articles certify that any article by J. Briede becomes a legal bestseller in the magazine. Besides, it is seen that cognitions expressed in these articles are frequently published by “Jurista Vārds” repeatedly as opinions included in court rulings on which the Senate and other administrative courts substantiate their rulings. Members of the scientific consultative council of “Jurista Vārds” specially noted the significance of the Senator’s articles not only regarding the development of the Latvian administrative procedural rights, but the entire Latvian law system. Two publications by J. Briede - “Form and components of an administrative act” and “Legitimacy of an administrative act” – were mentioned by the members of the council as the articles which affected the Latvian law system. In the comments for this choice the experts stressed that in the state administrative institutions when preparing administrative acts and letters to individuals, as well, the articles by J. Briede are used most. Other lawyers have also valued articles by the Senator what is proved by their extensive application in legal documents, as well as the high reading rates regarding these articles in the electronic version of “Jurista Vārds”.

In the polls of the magazine, J. Briede is usually named as one of the most read authors, and this time many readers named her as the most popular author, too, what allowed Jautrīte Briede along with the Professor of the University of Latvia and the Member of Saeima Ilma Čepāne, and the justice of the Court of the European Community and the Professor of the Riga Graduate School of Law Egils Levits rank among the three most popular authors of the anniversary period.

The list of most popular authors of “Jurista Vārds” included also the Senators of the supreme Court Valerjans Jonikāns and Vilnis Vietnieks, assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Rolands Krauze, and assistants to the Senators Kristīne Aperāne, Gatis Bārdiņš, Inga Bite-Perceva, Marina Borkoveca, Konstantīns Vaivods.

The jubilee issue of the magazine publishes also an extract from the prospective documentary story “And a star falls into the lake” by the Senator Vilnis Vietnieks, what will be a story of the fate of the Senator Jānis Skudra in pre-war Latvia.

In more than 12 years, “Jurista Vārds” being a column in the official newspaper of the Republic of Latvia “Latvijas Vēstnesis” has grown into an independent magazine, and at the present moment it is the biggest legal edition in Latvia. In the 500 issues of the magazine, more than 5000 articles have been published. More than 90% of the readers of the magazine have higher legal education or study law.




Information prepared by Division of Communications of the Supreme Court
Author: Rasma Zvejniece, Manager of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court
E-mail: rasma.zvejniece@at.gov.lv, telephone: 7020396, 28652211