On December 22, the recipients of this year's Themis Awards have been announced in the Supreme Court. The Professional Themis Award was given to Anita Poļakova, Chair of the Department of Criminal Cases, the Creative Themis Award – to Dzintra Balta, Senator of the Department of Civil Cases, and the Special Themis Award – to the Working Group on the Centenary Events of Administrative Justice.

The professional Themis Award was given to Anita Polakova for her tenacity and professionalism in leading the work of the Department. Having held this position for less than two years, the chair has gained real authority in the team. Under her leadership, the work of the Department has become more progressive, and the team has become more united. When nominated for the award, Anita Poļakova's ability to find solutions in difficult situations, to listen considerately and support the collective opinion, as well as to take direct responsibility for making individual, even unpopular, decisions was taken into account.

If all people have 24 hours a day, then it seems that Dzintra Balta has at least 36 and more - said the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, giving the Creative Themis Award to Dzintra Balta, a senator of the Senate’s Department of Civil Cases. The senator has great workability, creativity and productivity, motivation and a perspective on the development of the judiciary in general. At the same time, there is a respectful and kind treatment of all colleagues. This year she has made a significant contribution to the development of legal thought and to strengthening the rule of law both as a senator and as an active deputy chair of the Judicial Council, as a chair of the Selection Commission of Judicial Candidates, as well as a member and a lecturer of the Latvian Judicial Training Centre, and by taking part in developing of an ethics training module.

Whereas, the Special Themis Award was received by the Working Group established by the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, which organized and implemented the events of the centenary of administrative justice and of the 20-year anniversary of the Administrative Procedure Law, throughout the year. The award is given for the promotion of administrative courts and preservation of history, as well as for creativity, ideas and the involvement of the whole team in various events. Dace Mita, Lauma Paegļkalna, Rasma Zvejniece, Santa Ozola, Monta Krone, Jānis Geks, Kristīne Zemīte, Līga Dāce, Līga Kuplā and Dita Plepa took part in the Working Group chaired by Veronika Krūmiņa, Chairof the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate.

The Supreme Court's traveling Themis Awards have already been given for 17 years, they have three categories and are used to express gratitude to judges and staff for their professionalism, creativity and special performance during the year.

Candidates for the Themis Awards can be nominated by any judge or employee, but the substantiation shall be evaluated by a jury. This year, 29 applications were received.

The winners shall receive the travelling Themis Award. The award created by the sculptor Edvīns Krūmiņš depicts the symbol of the Palace of Justice – the sculpture Justice by author Kārlis Zemdega.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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