Veronika Krumina, Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, and Jautrite Briede, Senator of the Department of Administrative Cases, participated in online training of state and local government officials of Kazakhstan regarding the administrative procedure.

In Kazakhstan, the Code of Administrative Procedure and Proceedings will enter into force on July 1, 2021. Intensive preparations are underway, including training for staff and judges at various levels, in order to ensure the successful implementation of the new law. The training of public administration employees also takes place within the framework of a project financed by the World Bank, in which Latvian senators have been invited as experts.

The senators shared Latvia's experience in implementing the Administrative Procedure Law, as well as explained important issues of the administrative procedure, giving examples of the most interesting Court’s cases. For example, the audience’s interest was aroused by the example of an oral administrative act – a regular ban by a security guard on a person to ride a bicycle past the parliament building, its challenge and appeal. Discussions also arose on the ban on the use of religious objects in prisons, as well as on other issues.

"We considered it our task not only to tell how the legal regulation is applicable, but also to look at the legal system more broadly, without removing any legal norm from the common framework," said Veronika Krumina.

The project of institutional strengthening of the Kazakhstan justice sector “Further development of the Law on Administrative Procedure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of administrative proceedings and of public administration institutions and development of a draft roadmap for 2020-2025” is financed by the World Bank. Experts from Germany, Poland and Kazakhstan are also involved in the project. The project is led by specialists from Georgia. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan have assessed this training as high-quality and very useful.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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