On November 27, sixteen attorneys who passed the examination for certified attorneys and who were admitted to attorneys by the Latvian Bar Association, gave their oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics. Dr. iur. Uldis Krastins was released from taking the examination.

The oath was given by the lawyers who already work in law offices – Inita Apseniece, Valdis Bergs, Ieva Berzina-Andersone and Ivo Krievs, the lawyers from enterprises – the legal director of the company SIA “Krone NI” Kristaps Abelis, the legal advisor and manager of the company SIA “Eiropas Komunikacija” Martins Grinbergs, the head of the legal office of the company AS “LatLADA” Aivars Kaparsmits and the board member of the company SIA “Panditrans-Baltika” Larisa Loskutova, the academic staff – Professor Uldis Krastins from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, the visiting Associate Professor of the Latvian Academy of Police Anita Mazure and the Associate Professor of the Riga Technical University Daina Ose, the lawyers working in the law enforcement institutions – the chief prosecutor of the Kuldiga district prosecutor’s office Raitis Medins, the senior officer of the Security Police Arturs Zvejsalnieks, the head of the chancery and personnel division of the Riga City Kurzemes District Court Daina Sangovica, as well as the self-employed person Valdemars Subrovskis, and the assistant to the executive director of the Zemgales District of the Riga City Board Anvars Noviks.

Having accepted the oath the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court reminded the attorneys about the responsibility which they undertake by their oath, namely, always to see and not to overstep the limit beyond which the interests of the client end and a violation of the law sets in. I. Bickovics wished the newly admitted attorneys never to forget that they are a part of judiciary, to be in demand, professional and knowing attorneys.

To become a certified attorney, a person with respective education and length of service takes the examination for attorneys. If the applicant passes the examination and the Latvian Bar Association has not received data that under the Law on Advocacy there exist obstacles for the admittance, the Latvian Bar Association admits the applicants to the association, determines the place of practice for the attorneys and notify the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court regarding the admitted attorneys. The Chief Justice in accordance with Article 46 of the Law on Advocacy accepts the oath of the newly admitted attorneys.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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